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Copying forms

I have a bunch of similar forms I need to create. is there any way that I could get the option to copy from the form list? I just don't want to always have to create every field 6 times in a row and check to make sure they are consistent.


Posted by zech

Hi Zech

Unfortunately theres no way at the moment to duplicate a form - however any custom fields created for one form can be dragged into another form. We'll add your vote in for this feature as well!

Posted by jess.murphy

I agree that the option to duplicate a form and then edit it would be very helpful. =]

Posted by k9waggin

Hi Zech and Sheila,

Just letting you know we've released an update today that allows forms to be duplicated. Hope it helps speed things up!


Posted by ben

thanks! =]

Posted by k9waggin