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thoughts on events management

I'm not sure which forum category is best to post this, so hope this is OK.

I've just organised an event which invited a number of people from the parish to a planning meeting. I found the system pretty helpful, thank you. Others may want to share their thoughts and experiences.

Here's what I liked, with some small development suggestions.

I really liked the four columns of invitees (going, maybe, invited, declined), but I'd also like to be able to sort each columns on screen by either order of entry (as now) or alphabetically (perhaps a button?).

I really like the way I can put info about the event on the event page, but I'd really like to also be able to add attachments to the event that people viewing the event could download (and be able to control if non-invitees or non-attenders can see them).

I really like the way we can add people by filters and/or groups, but I'd really like to be able to add some but not all of the people in a specific group (maybe just include groups in the filters?).

I really, really like the way you can email/SMS the invitees down to the level of their attendance status (great!), but I'd also really like to be able to save those emails with the event for reuse (after editing).

I really like that you can use a form to invite people, but some have said that when the Accept button is clicked even though the event turns a green colour, they got confused when they then see only the Decline button and Cancel appear. Could this be clearer somehow? I was wondering if events with invitees are common enough to have their own embedded form options on the actual event page such that inviting people takes then to that page? And then they could check their own status on the page, even if not able to view the entire guest list (that might be implemented already?)

elvanto's going very well, thanks again,

(One more thing - when updating invitees' status manually, the counts at the top of each column often don't update.)

Posted by fergus

Hi Fergus

Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions! I have noted these down in our feature requests.


Posted by jess.murphy

Can I also add that it'd be really nice to be able to print both
name tags of attendees and
a list of attendees/invitees/declined
directly from elvanto rather than just exporting?

(On name tags - there's discussion about name tags elsewhere in the forums, especially for other languages under the heading 'Korean Name Tags'.)

Posted by fergus

How do you keep a record of people's attendance at various Events?

I've got a couple of ways that attendance of Events could be enhanced...

1. Can there be added a sub-heading called 'Event attendance activity' as a category in the 'Activity' tab of an individual (i.e., in the same screen as 'Service attendance activity' and 'Group attendance activity' etc.)?

At the moment it looks like the only way to keep a record of what events people have attended is to create a 'Group' which only meets once. But it seems a bit much to create a group, add people to it, then submit an attendance report with everyone going. And even then to have that 'event' group mixed in with the other weekly groups in the 'Group attendance activity' section.

It would be really useful for us to keep a record of 'events' that people attend - like camps, socials etc. in the same way as Services and Groups.

2. If attendance at Events could be recorded in a similar way to Groups and Services then it would make people view searches more powerful. For example, an advanced people view search could use a criteria those who attended last year's camp, but who haven't registered yet for this year's camp.

Posted by andrew

For us we use forms for people to sign up for events. We have created a number of custom fields to cater for our needs. The registration can only be 'current' so as soon as the event is over we clear out the fields in preparation for the next event. The capturing of the data allows us to keep in contact with those who have / have not registered. The downside is that payment cannot be made online.. (I've already made that request).

With attendance I create a service for the event and when people register for the event we record their attendance through the reporting tab of the event.

Hope this helps.

Kristy Sonneman-Smith
Dreambuilders Church

Posted by krissonsmith