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storing emails

Unless I'm missing something, we can't store actual emails sent. (If this feature already exists, please tell me how.)

I think it'd be really great to be able to call up past emails, edit them and reuse at a later date.

example: when inviting a new person to an event and you want to send the same email and attachments you sent to other invitees
example: when you send something out each week that's almost the same (although I guess you could use templates - it's just I think about this after I'm in the process of sending!)
example: when you want to know exactly what you sent and to whom


Posted by fergus

Hi Fergus,

At the moment we do not save email. This is something we want to look at and will hopefully in future offer this :)

Thanks again


Posted by ben

There is the archive functionality that sends a bcc of the email to a designated email but it will only send a copy of the first email sent which will provide you with a copy but not a full list of everyone who received it.

Posted by krissonsmith

good idea - I hadn't thought of that - at least there's a record, which in a pinch could be matched to the activity for any individual

thanks for the suggestion

Posted by fergus