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member directory - privacy considerations

Thinking through privacy issues, is it possible for greater granularity re fields included? Can members chose which of email and mobile and home phone might be put in the directory?

Can we also automatically exclude children's contact details?

I'd be interested to hear what others have done.

Posted by fergus

Hi Fergus

Have you got children set up in a demographic? In the admin settings for the member directory, you can choose to exclude people from within certain demographics so this works well for that.

We are also working on the ability to make certain fields 'private' which will help with privacy issues. For now, you may want to exclude people from the member directory if they have privacy concerns - this can be done from the left hand side blue bar in their profile in the admin area.


Posted by jess.murphy

Thanks, Jess.

Yes, the children are in a demographic, so I've excluded them.

I look forward to people being able to designate their fields private.

Posted by fergus

This is how we have been able to control children access.
We sat our database with 4 people categories:
- Members
- Visitors
- Child of Member
- Child of Visitor

With this setup we can easily control access to any info for children by excluiding access to categories. Once we had all the members in the database, any new person added begins as a visitor. Once they become a member, they and their children get their category updated.

We can give people access to any area/task that they need, but we restrict the access to children info by excluding them from access to Children of Members & Children fo Visitors.

Hope it helps

Posted by pcardona