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Sending emails to a defined people view and more

I was recently wanting to send an email to parents of teenagers. I went to the created people view of parents of teenagers, hit the send email button, wrote my email and was ready to send when I realized that I should send it also to the some of the people that work in that area, and some key leaders in the church. That's where I wish I had a way to just add people to the list that is being sent so that I don't have to look up those people and send emails to them directly.

I know I could create a group, but in this case it would not be that easy because I needed to send the email to parents of teens that are in the database (I don't know who they are), and then hand pick some specific people. With the ability to add people to the email list, it would give us the freedom to quickly add anyone to that specific email list.

I hope you guys can work on this,
Thanks for the great work,


Posted by pcardona

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Hi Pablo

Yep this one is on our feature list so I'll be sure to add your vote to it :) In the mean time, the quickest option may be to copy and paste the email and send it first to the parents of teens and then to those who volunteer in that dept separately?


Posted by jess.murphy