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restricting access to reports

I may be missing something very obvious, but I can't see how to restrict access to reports.

I have a few admin only type reports which I'd like to use for admins and staff only, but can't see how to do so.

Can anyone advise?

Posted by fergus

Hi Fergus

You can restrict access to individual custom reports by clicking on the 'sharing' link underneath the name of the report. This allows you to customise how you want the report to be viewed by others (including locking it down to specific people to be able to view/edit)

Let us know if you get stuck!

Posted by jess.murphy

Thanks - I didn't know about these, although I'd seen the options. I assumed they were only about people seeing reports via the link.

As I think about, I feel it'd be very good to be able to assign access to reports via the access permissions (staff, members, band etc etc). That way I could make a report for a type of user without having to worry about whether particular people had access or not.

Posted by fergus

I agree - within the sharing if you could have an additional option of sharing to an access permission as opposed to a name or admin that would be great.

Kristy Sonneman-Smith

Posted by krissonsmith