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Google Calendar

Have a question, we have several calendars within Google.
While I really like the ability to view the google calendars of choice in elvanto, is this two way sync. If I add an event in Elvanto, can it update an elvanto calendar within Google. Given we predominantly use Google for everything (like many churches Im sure), it would be great to see the ability work.

Rhema Family Church

Posted by Murray

Hi Murray,

To be honest we haven't looked into this totally but a two-way sync would be great. At this stage I'm not sure if Google allows/supports this functionality.

If Google Calendar is your primary calendar then it may be better to use it rather than elvanto and simply embed the Google Calendar into your elvanto calendar. This might be the best solution until we can expand on this further.

Hope that helps


Posted by ben

Hi there,
I'm wondering this too, and this was the first topic in the forums on exactly what I would like to do. Any update on this? Or should I just try it out and see if it works?


Hi Joshua,

Thanks for reaching out.

When you subscribe to a Google Calendar via the instructions we provide, it's currently only a one way sync. We'd need to handle authentication in a very different manner in order to get a two-way sync. 

What you can do though is to create a calendar in Elvanto, and subscribe to it in Google Calendar as well. That way you can have an Elvanto calendar in Google, and a Google Calendar in Elvanto.