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Register via 3rd party website

Dear fellow users,

I was just setting up a 'to pay for event' in levant.... and it has the possibility of registering via a third party website... but I couldn't find an indication of how to do this.

I am assuming that it means '' or similar.

Does anyone have any advice.



Posted by dominic

Hey Dominic

You can add in a URL to a registration form from a third party company (such as trybooking) that allows people to click on a registration link from the event in elvanto and get taken to that registration form.

We are soon to release a payment gateway solution that will allow you to take payments from within elvanto as well!

Posted by jess.murphy

Jess can't wait!!!

Posted by krissonsmith

Hi Jess,

How is this going, this would make a HUGE impact for us!

Dan (nexus church, Brisbane)

Posted by dan.harding


I think it was released a few weeks back - the third party product is Pushpay. If you go back over the blog you will probably be able to see the release notes. I'm still working my way through how to set it up for us.


Posted by krissonsmith

Hey Kristy,

Sorry, I wasn't super-clear. I saw the blog post, but was particularly interested in the payment integration for Elvanto forms so we don't have to go off-site! This will be amazing for us and many others I'm sure.

Posted by dan.harding