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How others are using Elvanto


I'm really keen to connect with a couple people who have been using Elvanto for a while and
see how they are using it and have it setup...

If you'd be keen, flick me an email at


Posted by matt.lang91

We just flicked you an email Matt :)

Posted by ben

Hey Matt,

I'll flick you an email too :)

I'm keen to learn about anything, but in particular integration, forms, reports.


Posted by dan.harding

We have recently starting using the scheduled reports ability... via email.
Just today, we set up the same report to be sent monthly to the associate pastor, and the same report sent weekly to a team leader for weekly followup, all automatically... real easy too to set up.

Great tool. Reports from the weekend are in my inbox first thing when I get into the office.


SIDE NOTE: (I do wish I could share Report Categories however. That would be nice. As opposed to sharing every report within the category)

Posted by Murray