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FileMaker integration through APIs

Hi team, as part of our global software which uses FileMaker for other components of our greater international ministry (170 bible schools), is Elvanto able to populate that FileMaker file via APIs?

As a novice on APIs it will be a question I will get asked, so to know it can be done, will eliminate a whole lot of unnecessary stress. Or is the API function only into Elvanto not out if that makes sense.

Posted by Murray

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Hi Murray,

I'm not quite sure about what format FileMaker files are in but I wouldn't see why they cannot be populated by the API. Depends on the information that needs to go into the file. If you can give a little more detail I can tell you if the API can currently give you what you need.

To hook into the API, you will need to use a programming language. I'm not sure if you have someone you know who is a programmer otherwise you might be able to hire a freelancer.

Let me know if you have any further questions


Posted by ben