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Integrating 3rd Party

Hi Ben & Team,
I have found a great task management & projects program call which I am hoping to API into Elvanto or the other way. The problem I have is I dont seem to see how I can add either your API Key or their API key into the programs. While it appears they too do support OAuth authtentication, but seems a little hard to navigate through. Is there some extra support in working through this.

It appears to be a struggle

Posted by Murray

Hi Murray,

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as 'adding in an API key'. You'll need a programmer to create an 'in between' script that will allow the two to talk. At the moment we do not have any sort of built-in integration with Asana but it might be something we can look at in the future.

Let me know if you have any further questions


Posted by ben

Thanks Ben... It would be great to see an event / project / task management module somehow incorporated... I would be interested to know how people manage and assign tasks and projects. I know there are many options like []basecamp[/url] and []Teamwork[/url] and my new favourite []Asana[/url]

Elvanto continues to Rock however! Do you have a release date for the official Phone App?

Posted by Murray

Yes, that would be a great addition. It's on our list.

We hope to have more info on the mobile apps in the near future :)


Posted by ben

I'd second integration with Asana - our team use it here and it's hugely helpful!

Posted by rhys

We use basecamp but would use any task management system if it had elvanto integration.

Thanks Rohan, I've added your vote for this.

I just want to throw in another vote for a task management feature. We've tried Trello, which worked nicely for individual teams short term, but something built into Elvanto (with or without integrations) would be very useful to my church as well.

So it's been a couple years since this was last addressed. We use Asana as well, but would switch to something native in Elvanto if that were an option, and done well. 3 years ago, Ben, you said it was on your list. Any news?