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Payment at registration for an event

Is there any way of integrating a registration form for an event with an online payment vehicle so that people are confirmed at an event once they have paid for it (even using an integration with Eventbrite, or something similar?)

We're wanting to set up registration for a weekend event, but can't work out how to capture the info in Elvanto but also have people pay online at the time of signing up.

Thanks so much!


Posted by rhys

Hi Rhys,

Not at the moment, unfortunately! This is a feature of events/forms that we are hoping to release very soon, however, so be sure to check back on our blog to hear when it does roll out!

If there's anything I can do for you in the meantime, let me know,

Posted by hannah.pettett

Thanks Hannah. Look forward to hearing more...

Posted by rhys

Please add my vote to this one.

I'm currently developing my database, and have noticed how many times people need to register with a payment - whether it be for a book for a course, or family camp, or an entrance fee to a fundraiser, etc.

This is a an important feature we're looking for.

Can you please let us know where this feature is at?


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the feedback! 

I don't have an ETA for this just yet, but I know it's high on our priority list. We're hoping to roll out payments within the next few months, so I'll pass on your interest to see this feature implemented :)

I'd also recommend to follow our blog, that way you can be notified of any features we roll out in the future.




Just looking at this thread from 2 years ago. did this actually happen as we are very keen to use a feature like this?



Hi Dan

Thanks for the question.

We're in the process of making some updates to the system in the lead-up for this. While simply adding payment to event registration, we're wanting to polish the entire process up before adding payments. You should start seeing these changes coming out over the following few weeks with event payment coming in the next few months.

Hope this helps,


We will be following this as well.  This feature would be extremely helpful with registering for events.  

Hey guys,

This is getting really serious... We've got 5 different events/camps we're running and the finances are all over the place, simply because we can't keep a record of them all in one place.

Even if we could use the Elvanto:Forms to create a "pledge" for that person... we could reconcile payments received with those pledges.


Any update on this?

Hi Jeremy,

We've been making progress behind the scenes for this and will have more news on our blog soon. If you haven't already I'd strongly suggest subscribing to our blog for more news on this as it comes out. 


Cool! I did subscribe to the blog. It's impressive to see how much the team has done in just the few months we've been elvanto users! Keep it up!

Dear Elvanto People, This is just a further nudge re this.  We are feeling it acutely as was David Moore above.  Warmly, Dominic

Hi Dominic,

I appreciate your patience and apologise for the delay. We are working hard to get the new event registration feature out and have a couple more things to finish off. We've added a couple of new teams members so we hope this will help speed up development time.

Once again thanks for your patience. We're almost there!


Add us to the list as well. We've been trying out echurch events with pushpay but there is no capability with card swiping that we can see. We've been having people signup for an event and then we send them a confirmation email with a link to pushpay but we'd like for people to be able to signup for an event and then pay/swipe their card to speed up the process. Anyone can email me at heidi at dc 2 .me if you've found a way around this maybe with Square? Thanks, Heidi Henkel