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Individual Events in Embedded Web Calendars - 2 issues

We have the event calendar embedded on our web site, which is great. The problem we've encountered is when you click on the event in the calendar on the web site, it presents a large blank square under the date and time. I believe this is meant to be for the map of the event location. I know Google recently changed it's mapping API so perhaps this just needs a bug fix.

The other issue is with a scheduled service. When you click on the event, is brings up a large dialog box with only the name of the service and the time. Everything else is blank. It would be nice to have more information in this box. I suggest adding a service description that could be pulled into this dialog and/or a map of the location.

Posted by salacy

We'll have a look into the Google Map issue and get back to you.

At the moment the services popup in the calendar is very basic but we hope to expand on this in a future update. Thanks for your patience.


Posted by ben

Apologies for the delay. The maps on the embedded calendar should now be working. Let me know if you have any further issues


Posted by ben

 Yes. It is working now.