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Approving Assets

Where do I go to approve an asset request?

Posted by salacy

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Hi Scott,

When someone books an asset that requires approval, an email will be sent to the asset administrator (unless it is them that is logged in). Just click that link to approve the request.

Let me know if you have any problems,

Posted by hannah.pettett

We had an issue where the approval emails were not getting to the approver, so we have several events where the room assets say 'pending approval' that we have no way of approving. Surely there is a way to do this within the application.

Posted by salacy

Hi Scott,

This email is sent automatically, unfortunately.

Would you be able to provide me the details of the particular issue you had when the approver didn't get the emails? I'll get the developers to look into it. I'll need the name of the administrator and person/event who sent the request.

Thanks in advance,

Posted by hannah.pettett

My issue isn't really with the email. That has since been resolved. I am looking for a way to approve the asset requests within the application, i.e. by pushing a button. If there isn't a way to do this, then I would like to make a request that it be added. Emails can get lost, deleted by accident, etc...

Posted by salacy

Hi Scott,

I'll file it down :)

Have a great afternoon,

Posted by hannah.pettett

I would be great to be able to do this from the backend. That way regardless of device used it can be completed.

Thanks Lee, I'll add that in as a consideration for the feature request too :)



I agree, a list somewhere of pending assets that can be approved by those with the correct access permissions. Like when volunteers see a list of schedule requests that can be accepted or declined.

I just booked a whole heap of rooms (assets) for recurring events in 2015 and my poor admin got 39 emails that she now has to approve and then she will get another 39 emails telling her they have been approved.

Thanks :-)

Maybe we also need to look in a way in consolidating the 39 emails at once :)

A better solution would be to have a way to approve asset requests online via the interface. Then give us the option to be notified by email. There is really no reason to have an approval process that cannot be executed directly online.


Hi, came here looking for a solution to this.  Hooray for forums. 

I'm adding my voice to the request to have an approval option from within the application rather than by email links only.  As the asset approver, I'd love to see a list of bookings 'pending approval' on my outstanding / upcoming actions list when I login.  

It would also be helpful to be able to view the 'pending approval' calendar entries in the context of the calendar itself (at least that day, preferably surrounding week) so that existing bookings can be checked for conflicts / clashes etc before approving.  

New question on approving assets (unrelated to the actual approval mechanism):


Room 1 is a calendar asset.  I am the approver for any booking of this room. 

I want another staff member notified whenever Room 1 is booked.  

If I add the other staff member as an asset admin for Room 1 along with me, and choose "Yes, notify admins by email and require their approval", what happens when the room is booked? 

Do we both receive the booking approval email?  Do we both need to approve it for the booking to proceed, or just one of us?  I'm not seeing a way to specify a 'primary approver' or a way to select which admin should approve and which should be notified only.  

I'm mere days into using Elvanto, so I expect I'll be round the forums quite a bit in coming weeks. 



Hi Anna

Thanks for the feedback and ideas for future updates!

In regards to your scenario, happy to help!

If you add two administrators, the email will be sent, but only one person needs to approve it. Once it's been approved, the link will just say nothing needs to be approved. There's no primary approver at this stage, it's more about whoever is able to verify first!

Hope this helps you,


Great, thanks Hannah