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Attendance records via API

It looks like attendance records aren't available via the API at this stage. It's not a biggee for us, but it will be fantastic if/when that becomes available. We would use it to mark church-service attendance via custom software.

Posted by cameron.oliver

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Thanks Cameron! We'll add your vote :)

Posted by ben

Big +1 for this one.

I would really like to be able to check people in by the API to build my own custom checkin system, and also be able to call back people checked into a room to be able to create a simple info page for the room leaders to see who's in there room and some basic info about them.

Thanks for your thoughts Rohan!

We'll add your vote for this!

Are we any closer to having any of these features?? Its been 12 months since the last API changes.

these missing API features are really holding us back from developing the applications we need for our church.

Hi Rohan.

The developers are aiming to look at API changes once V2 is released, which is currently scheduled to be some time in June/July this year.

Hope this helps.

Please add my vote to this.  We desperately need you to open the API up a bit more, both in terms of attendance and notes or people flows.

Hi Brendan.

I have added your vote for the Attendance report, and have also recorded the Notes and People flow suggestion as well.

Hope this helps,

Big +1 for me also.

An update to the API would be really helpful

Hi Joel

I've added your support to this request as well.


Hi, I saw this topic after I wrote you an email :)

What's the progress on this issue (already two years old!)


Hi Thomas,

At this stage we haven't made any progress on this. We've been focusing on other areas of the system, this is still on our "To-do" list though.


Can I add a further +1 to this (if it isn't already on the plans for API v2)