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Recurring events on last [weekday] of month

Hi all,

We hold a 'Monthly Day of Prayer' on the last Monday of every month. I have been unable to schedule this successfully.
If I start the sequence on a last Monday it may recur on the second last Monday.
If I start the sequence on a last Monday in a month with 5 Mondays, it recurs only in months with 5 Mondays.
Is this possible, or shall I input these manually.

Thanks and blessings,
John Hartley

Posted by john.hartley

Hi John,

Unfortunately these custom group and calendar event frequencies will have to be put in manually for now, but it's something we are working on for a future update.

I'll pass on your feedback to the developers.

Have a great day!

Posted by hannah.pettett

Thanks for the quick reply Hannah.

Posted by john.hartley

I've just come across this problem today!

This was fixed some time ago for repeating events done through a Group, but still doesn't seem to be possible for a normal recurring event to go into a calendar independent of a group



Hi Alastair.

It's something we'd like to do for normal calendar events in the future. As they have slightly different repeating options to groups though we couldn't implement it at the same time. Keep an eye out as we continue to make changes to calendar events and it should appear at some point in the future.


How do you handle a recurring event in a group when one of the dates is canceled? 

Hey there.

For a Group Meeting this isn't possible yet. It's something we want to look into.

If it's an Event though, you should be able to delete a single instance of it though.