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First time visitor report

How do you generate a report to view first time visitors from the last Sunday morning service?


It would be nice if the report always showed details from "the last Sunday" to avoid having to adjust the date every time.


We would like to be able to view the notes we have entered for these people in the report as well.


Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the reply!

Hi Naiah,

Happy to help!

There isn't really a report that would show this information on it's own at this stage, but the information itself can be extracted from an inbuilt report.

The name of report that might work for you is the 'People Notes' report. Add the extra column to show 'date added', and then once it's been generated, click the column to sort it by date.

I've added the request to add 'the last sunday' in as an option, but 'Last 7 days' might also work for custom reports if you weren't needing those notes. 

Hope this helps you,