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API for post

Hi, Do you plan to add posts in the API? Regards Dominique.

Hi Isaac.

That indeed does make sense.

I've added your support to this request.


Greetings!  I was JUST looking at the API for access to "POST" - and I landed here.  We'd be interested in seeing access to (at least reading/importing) Blog Post made in elvanto via the API.  

One use case we're looking into is having a main button on our website that says "prayer focus".  We'd like to be able to have a blog post created w/in Elvanto under a category called "prayer focus" and then consume those posts (via the API) so they can be displayed on our public facing website....

Hope this makes sense...

Hi Dominique.

There's been a few other people asking for some form of Posts API end point, and lately we've been looking into expanding our API when we can. Would there be any example endpoints, and functionality, that would be of use to you? 

As a current work around, it may be possible for you to use the the posts RSS feed to automate something that sends out emails etc, although currently there's no way to create a post in Elvanto from an external source.

Happy to help,


Hi Hannah,

At this moment I'm using API for getting calendar informations and I'm transforming (with google apps scirpt) to generate blog post HTML content. After I need to paste each week this code manualy into an Elvanto post (weekly news).

It will be great if I can generate the post via API.

My communication is fully automated with zapier, mailchimp, twitter, pushbullet and

our wordpress website.

It's very important for me that I put the post in one place and the other connected services are slave.



Hi Dominique,

It's not something we've got on the roadmap at the moment, but if it was something you were interested in, I'd be happy to pass on your feedback to the developers!

Let me know,