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Linking volunteers to specific Service Plan items

If you have multiple volunteers in the same department (Bible Readers) rostered for the same service with two bible reading items, you have to specifically type the name of the volunteer into the Service Plan in the item notes or description.  Would it be possible to link a volunteer to a service plan item so that the linked volunteer can be included on the Service Plan printout?

i.e. There are two parts to this feature request:

1. Provide a facility to link a rostered volunteer to a Service Plan item.

2. Optionally include the linked volunteer onto the Service Plan printout.

Thanks very much.


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Hi Michael,

Being able to link teams or individuals to service items is something we are looking at adding in the future, so I'll pass on your interest to see this feature implemented! I can see how it would be helpful in this kind of a situation.

Thanks for the feedback,


Even just being able to have the name of the person serving in that 'item' able to be printed on the same line as the item (rather than down the bottom of the page) without having to add it in manually - that would be great.


I would like to chime in with support for this feature.

Maybe you could have a short code to put in the notes for that item: %bible_reader%
(We currently manually enter the persons name to the notes, but when the person swaps with someone and we forget to update this note it causes confusion)

Thanks for the feedback Daniel. I'll be sure to pass it on!


+1 from me too!

Adding my vote to this one..  Which I think I already have done but just looking at it and thinking it through...  What would be great is to yes be able assign a volunteer but in some instances certain Department positions need to be assigned to Plan items.  For example - Communion is on the service plan but also a Department / Position.  It would be great if on the template we could define a position to an item and on the service plan report have the ability to populate that automatically with the volunteer assigned to the position.


+1 for this, it would be great to have names against items

I would like to clarify that Anglican services often have two bible readings (one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament).

This means that the Service Plan has two items (OT Bible Reading and NT Bible Reading), with the first item linked to the first rostered people from the "Bible Reading" department, and the second item linked to the second person from that department rostered for the service.

Because there is no concept in Elvanto of the "first person from a department rostered", it means that a Service Plan item must be linked to a specific person and not just to a department. i.e. If the service plan template included a reference only to the department (e.g. %bible_reader%), then situations where two people from the same department are rostered would not be handled.


Would you be able to create two department positions: Bible Reader 1 & Bible Reader 2? That would help plan and communicate which bible readers are reading which reading.

We currently create a note column called "person" on the service plan and we manually type an individual in. 

When someone swaps roles we have to make sure we manually change it. My request is that there is a way to link that to a role, so that when a person swaps on the roster, the service plan reflects that change.

Yes, I'd love to see that too! And maybe also put in a Passage and Elvanto adds the Bible text in there? Similar to importing songs from SongSelect integrating an API to a Bible-Versions?