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Being able to set the due date for a person when adding to a people flow

Hi there,

It would be great, when you are adding a person to a people flow, to be able to set the due date at the same time as entering them into the step.

We are visiting new residents in the area and we want to be able to plan to visit a new resident 6-8 weeks after a property has been sold - giving time for the 6 week settlement period after the house is sold and for people to move in.

Another way of skinning this cat is potentially have due date set as 'due date not set' and then on that step being able to see all the people in that step with no due date set so they can then be set appropriately - at the moment they will receive a due date of 'today' - i.e. the day when you add them into the step, but then they can be confused with people who really ARE due today (because it has been 6-8 weeks since their house was sold).



Hi James,

Thanks for your suggestion - I can see how that can be useful for adding people especially for helping you home visits. 

I've created this as a feature request and have added your vote in.



I was just about to post a request for this feature as well. To be able to specify/update the due date for the next step of a people flow at the same time as allocating them to a person for action - would be greatly appreciated.

You can still update the date in another screen, but it would much better to be able to do that (as well?) at the point of assigning them to a person for the next step.

Hi Andrew

I've added your support to this request.