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Serving Reminder Emails

Hi all

We use the reminder emails that are automatically generated by Elvanto which we love.  One thing that we are noticing however is that when someone replies to the reminder with an "oops I forgot I won't be able to..." it gets sent to one location.  

For us it would be great if replies to reminders could be sent to the leader (owner) of the position / Department for that location....

Don't know if we are alone in this but thought I'd put it out there.

Kristy Sonneman-Smith

Dreambuilders Church

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Hi Kristy,

I'm keen to learn more about your idea! Is it like setting up a 'replies to' person in the Group Category settings?


I would say yes Chris but for us the setup for Group Categories is limited as it doesn't go to the location level and not all our groups within a Group Category are at the point of reporting. 

I suppose I was thinking that using the Department setup we can define a "Reports to" for each position / location.  This could be a reference point and if no name is specified then it would come from the generic email.

Or maybe at a higher level within a Department specify something for reporting purposes..