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Security Numbers Assigned at Check-in

Hi guys

With security numbers that are generated at checkin it is great that we can specify that the same number can be used for multiple children within a family but all this means is if I manually assign a number for a child I can enter the same number for all family members.

Could it please be taken one step further..

Generally numbers are assigned in the first instance when they are generated at checkin. Could we please have the option to automatically assign the same number upon checkin.

At the moment we are having to double handle numbers as they are assigning different numbers for different people.

What would be even better is take it a step further…

If an additional family member is created at the time of adding them the number automatically flows through.

I understand some churches would use different numbers but we have the option to use the same number it would just be great to take it a step further to reduce the need for double handing.

Kristy Sonneman-Smith

Dreambuilders Church

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Great idea!

Just to clarify, your feature request is to assign the same number to other family members

  • Option: Automatically assign same number when checking in and when a family member is created at the same time / future.

Semi-related: There are other churches experiencing problems with security codes - they find they have duplicate security codes when manually inputting codes for people. I'll put forward a suggestion to have a duplicate security code checker (similar to duplicate people)

Let me know if this is correct, and I'll make sure to add this one in to our feature request area!

Hi Chris

For me the option as you have outlined it is what we would like.

With regards to what you have documented under Semi-Related there are already errors when attempting to enter the same code against another person if they don't meet the criteria.  For us they need to be attached in the same family to accept the same code being entered else an error results.

Appreciate your help.


Thanks for the clarification - I'll run this with the rest of the team tomorrow.


Chris just wondering how you went when you took this to the team?


Our church just started using the check in system. At first check-in the feature to have the same security code for all family members was not checked. We would like to start using a numeric screen pager system and would like security codes be the same for each family. Is there a way to regenerate the codes so all the family members share one code?


Any progress on this request?

Any update on this request? We're testing the check-in feature and event though I have "Allow family members to use the same security code" checked it still generates a unique security code for each person checked-in. It's not a huge problem, but it means that we're printing one additional label per person versus one label per family. I know we could print one label with all of the security codes on them and perhaps we will go that route, but it would be nice to have one code automatically generated for an entire family and just one label printer. 

I would still love to have this looked at too.  It is quite time consuming to keep on top of family numbers to ensure all children in one family all have the same one.

Hi all.

At this stage there hasn't been an update, but it is still on our list of features we'd like to look into.

Hope this helps,