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Events Calendar API

Hi, I would like a few new calls into the elvanto calendar API.

1: Add people to events (person ID change to Going/Invited/Maybe/Declined to event ID)

2: See all events relative to a person ID (Which events did I say I was going to)

3: Get more info in getAll (Link to image, Rego URL, Whos attending)

And also not necessarily relating to the API but I could really use a Calendar Category.

At the moment we use a Colour to sort the items into departments for display on our website.

Last thing would be a simple way for non elvanto people to join an event without using a custom form to join an event and create an account in one. So when someone clicks Join Event it lets them register.


Just realised one of my requests has almost been done from a while ago, I can see that 1 api call can now get multiple calendars but I need each event to tell me which calendar its from by ID and its name.


Hi Rohan,

Thanks for your thoughts on this, we really appreciate it. I've added your vote for these new and existing feature requests to extend our Calendar API, ability to add Calendar Categories, and to add non-Elvanto users for events without using a form.



+1 Vote


Are we any closer to having any of these features?? Its been 12 months since the last API changes.

these missing API features are really holding us back from developing the applications we need for our church.

Hi Rohan.

As I mentioned in a separate forum post earlier, we are looking at expanding our API services some time after the V2 release.

Sorry for the delay in the reply.