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User Privacy policy

We use Elvanto for our church member directory. Because this gives access to people's personal information, we have this locked down to a particular access permission that we grant. 

Before issuing this permission, we ask everyone to agree to a Privacy policy. This has previously been a paper form that we then store and grant access. 

We would love to be able to issue a "terms and conditions" or "Privacy Policy" to all users via the system. Ideally, we would like to have it display a privacy policy at next login and then set a custom field on their profile according to their response. 

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Hi Andrew,

That's a great idea!

For this we are working to create a customized 'Privacy Policy' for our Elvanto users. I don't have an ETA on when this would be completed, but best to check back in 2-3 months for our progress on developing this to suit our users around the world :)

I've also included your vote for this too :)

Have a great day!

I don't suppose there is any progress on this yet? Because we value people's privacy we do need them to agree to the terms and conditions of access to (and existence in) the member directory.

At present this is a paper job which is a administrative nightmare!

Hi Andrew.

Sorry for the horribly late reply.

At this stage we have not made any progress regarding this, as we are currently focussing on our V2 release. We will, most likely, work on this in the months after the V2 release.

In the mean time, if you have not already, I would suggest looking into a People Flow to help assist in administrating these policies.