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One feature that I think would be hugely valuable (and perhaps could even warrant coming at a premium price), would be to have a dashboard for leaders/admin on login with drag and drop modules that are customizable for each department.

For example it would be great if our lead pastor could see the following on login

  • Last service attendance / Visitors stats
  • Upcoming service volunteer roster
  • Weekly financials
  • Upcoming events
  • Upcoming member birthdays / anniversaries etc
This kind of feature would make Elvanto a massive resource for all our leaders.

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Hi Justin

We're still working on this!

We recently made some back-end updates to how tables and graphs appear in reports which will help us out with this in the long run. 

We're still wanting to work on this and are slowly moving forward on this.


Hi Guys.

Just an update. The developers have been working on this lately, and it's looking pretty good.

While they aren't fully functional (yet) I can give you a quick sneak peek at what they'll look like.

At this stage they don't function, but as all the data is already stored in the system, it will be easy enough to get them working. 

Hope this gets you all excited.


Hi Justin,

Thanks for your thoughts on this!

We are looking into this to have 'drag and drop' modules in our upcoming Elvanto version 2 earlier next year - we'll most likely post up something about this in our blog when we have more news about this :)

Hope this helps!

+1  :)

Hi Stewart,

Appreciate the update, really looking forward to seeing this live.

I get asked about this a lot, so it's good to have something to report :)

Thanks for the heads up Chris. Look forward to Elvanto v.2!

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Not sure what the ETA is on an update, but a few things I would love to see added now that the dashboard is in place:

  • Upcoming member birthdays / anniversaries etc
  • Last service attendance 
  • Visitors stats
  • Weekly financials

  • Upcoming service volunteer roster
  • Upcoming events
Thanks for the previous updates