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Check-in labels

We are having some frustrating issues with check in labels.  When using the print all selection at check in, the fonts on the labels are not customizable.  The child label looks like the parent label that is used when you check in individually.  We need the kids names to be large enough a small group leader can read them, but the system will not let us change that. When you check kids in individually, the kids label can have a very large font for their name, but then the parents get a tag for each kid (we have many families with 4 or more kids). It would seem that since the individually checked labels are customizable, this code would be easy to generate.  Please advise...

Hi Jason,

Sorry that you're experiencing this with the check-in labels. Would it be possible to send us any images of the labels that you're printing out? I'd like to investigate this further - send your images to

At this stage printing the 1 parent label for multiple children isn't customizable - I've included your vote into this feature request for a future update.

For the label, the font resizes according to the amount of content there is on the label. If there's a lot of content, you get smaller font size. Conversely, if there's less content, then a bigger font size is generated for the label.

Let me know if you have other thoughts about this,


I share Jasons frustrations when it comes to check in. We have been able to edit the children's label to something we can work with, but not being able to edit the 1 parent label for multiple children is really a downer. On one hand the parent receives a reasonably good label for the children. It has the church info, info on allergies, the parents names - nice!!! but then he gets this antiquated label with just a name and a number. We could put more info on that parent's label to enhance security. This could include, the parent's name, that way when the child caretaker receives the parent label and goes to pick up the child he/she could mention "You dad Steven is here to pick you up" if the child says his dad is not Steven, we could investigate further. Beyond security, the parent label looks pretty crappy, and it reflects on the church.

Needless to say, please add my vote to this change ASAP.

Keep up the good work!!!!!

At a previous church I worked with the 1 parent label was, in essence, a 2 parent label. On it we were able to put the random session code, date, and security code. Having the security code on the parent label is helpful to use as pager number for parents. I would love to have this feature available on elvanto. If a family has several children it can be very inconvenient for only one parent to pick everyone up. Right now we print out a parent label for every child and it is very frustrating.