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Child & Adult Check-in Requests

Here are a few requests for check in -> Provide / Allow us to:

1. Edit the Parent Label. It's just quite sad the way it looks.

2. Add the date to any Children or Parent Label

3. Provide a Parent Label per room. A parent with 4 kids may have kids 2 kids in one room and 2 in another room. Right now he gets 4 parent labels. We do not use the 1 Parent label because: 

    a) For security reasons we pick up that parent label and attach the children's label for that sunday. We save the labels in the office and keep it as back up evidence that the child was picked up with the parent label. One parent ticket does not allow us to leave that ticket at each room.

    b) The parent label looks awful.

4. Allow us to remove teens from children's check in. I know that they are counted as children for the family, but we don't do check in of teens for service since they take part with our adult service, yet they appear on the check in screen for the children's check in.

5. Provide a way to check in an adult to the service with out the option of printing a label. This could be by forcing a room to not provide the option to print.  This would add another way of tracking individual attendance instead of just overall. So far we can add attendance from groups that meet before the service and from the people that fill out prayer requests. We are after the individual's history of attendance.


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Hi Pablo

Thanks for sending these through! Some great ideas I haven't seen before I will pass on.

I've made a note down of all your feedback for reference as we begin to look at working on improving the childrens and Check-in Area.

Thanks again,


Checking in on some of the options that have yet to be included in the petition above, particularly:

  • Parent Ticket in a per room basis (as explained in number 3 above). The one parent ticket option does not work for us because children are picked up at each room. We would like to have a Parent Ticket per room with all the kids in that room included in one ticket.
  • Provide a way to add an adult to the check in without printing labels option as explained in number 5 above.

+1 For the requests above.

Here are my thoughts on these // perhaps I'm missing how to do a couple of these things:

1. As of now, it appears you are forced to "finish & print labels" labels once you are finished checking in. What if you just want to finish without printing a label?

2. Is there a way to design the parent label? It looks fairly pitiful with just the name and the security code.

3. Chiming in on teenagers and adult children living at home. They should NOT count as children. It would be very helpful to have a cutoff point of say, 12 years old so they don't show up in the check-in screen.

4. Since this is not an option, you cannot select check in all if you wish to exclude teenagers and adult children living at home. Otherwise, you are forced to print labels for children not checking in.

Hi Jon,

Sorry for the delay in the response! Not sure what happened there!

  1. For this, if you turn off the Automatic printing and set them to manually print, it will only print the label when you manually hit 'Print Label'
  2. For designing the parent label, you can if you have it set to print a label for each child individually.
  3. For this, that's part of a different feature request for having more control over the label printing and check-in based on demographics that we have in our backlog
  4. Is connected to 3...
Hope this helps,