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Define which service items don't actually conflict

I'm starting to learn to use Elvanto and volunteer rostering is something that's brought our church to use it.

One problem is the number of errors/warnings we get with rostering someone to do different things in the service.

Some things do conflict in a service. i.e. Kids Church runs parallel to our main service, so you can't do a Bible reading and be on the Kids Church leadership roster. However, heaps of other things don't actually conflict. You can welcome people at the door, do the Bible reading, serve Communion and count the offering all in the same service and that isn't a conflict. (In fact, some people to be rostered on a couple of things on one night!)

Could we have a way of selecting which things are a conflict and which aren't. I've got some ideas about how this could be done.

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Hi there

I just wanted to add my support to this. It would be a hugely helpful function for our teams. Even within the band to have someone on band leading and an instrument, or a vocalist who also plays an instrument etc.

Thanks guys!


This would also be helpful to us!

Hi Steve and Emma.

Unfortunately no update as of yet to this. 

I've added your support and notes Emma.


Hi Brendon and Jordan.

I've added your support to this request.

Hope this helps,


Hi Murray,

Definitely sounds like a great idea. It'll be cool to give churches the option of inputting positions that cannot be conflicts (a singing guitarist).  

At this stage - conflicts are finding those who are rostered on two or more times during the same service, or those who have been rostered on and are 'unavailable'.

Feel free to note down your ideas - I'd love to hear your thoughts about this :)



Hi Chris, 

I would like to add my support to this. This would be great functionality for us. 
At the moment (without it) the auto-scheduling function is unusable. 

It would be great if within the Services Settings (where you can specify how long before a volunteer is available again between services, if you could also specify which roles conflict. 



Hi, I too would like to add my support for this functionality. It would be very useful not just for roles within a team like singing guitarist, but also for people who are rostered on music team for example and then on a post-service team like coffee. Thanks Jordan


I've added your support to this request.

Hope this helps,


Love the idea of this. I'm currently setting up rosters on here for the first time... being able to easily add people multiple people to the same task at the same time would be awesome also. (ie. where a couple are 'hosting' a service together, being able to add them at the same time instead of individually would be a huge time saver)

with the roster clashes... i try and do this purposfully for things like 'lock up' so having a setting where i can pre set this would item as a non clash would be handy. 



Hi team,

I too would like to add my support to this.

Biggest example is that given the small team we have for the music roster, we will have a Worship Leader also covering acoustic guitar - which means this isn't a conflict.

If anything, it would be great if we could set rules which say - Bob does both Worship Leader and Acoustic Guitar all the time. Currently it means that the auto schedule will still need a lot of manual adjustments! 



This is good information to know going in. I didn't consider the effects on auto-scheduling based on conflicts. Conflicts are also assignments within set hours of each other, if I recall correctly. This seems to be a delicate situation to avoid members bailing out of "conflicts" when they really aren't there. I just tried to add myself to clean in two different slots on the same service and it wouldn't allow me to, but I thought I could override that.

Overall, I look forward to conflict resolution :D 

Hey there,

I really DO love working with Elvanto, but these little flaws make it really really hard to work with it on a day to day basis. And it feels like they should be quite easy to fix (I do have some knowledge of coding).

And also just to be able to turn off the conflict function at all would be helpful. We are a smaller church (80-100) so we still have a good enough overview if people can or can't do 2 jobs :)


Hey. Has there been any progress on this? It's a feature that would save me a bunch of time in autofilling rosters.