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Viewing a Roster as a volunteer


How do the volunteers in our church see the entire roster for a month or a long period such as 6 months?

Prior to Elvanto we had a paper program for a 6 monthly period which enabled volunteers to see when they are rostered on which also served as an easy way to cross check the program and see if anyone was rostered on too many times.

by grace,


Hi Matt,

To enable your volunteers to see their roster for 1-6 months in advance, you'll need to visit the 'Service Settings' area by going to Admin > Settings > Service Settings.

Browse to the heading marked 'Services on Roster', and simply change this number to the desired number of months ahead you want to show:

If you want your volunteers to see who else is on the roster, scroll down a few headings:

  • Click the box under 'Show unconfirmed volunteers on roster'
I'll leave the other two headings below this at your discretion :)

Hope this helps!

Hi Matt,

I created a Google spreadsheet and access Elvanto Data thru API for creating a "Pivot Table".

So we have our Global Planning. Unfortunately this feature is not part of Elvanto.

This spreadsheet is embeded in a Elvanto page.



Hi Dominique

Sorry for the late reply.

That spreadsheet is really cool. I always love seeing how people are using our API. 

Regarding the ability to create a similar report within Elvanto, we recently changed the way the Volunteer Positions Report works, and you can now change the information that is displayed in the X and Y axis, and as such the information displayed in the body of the report. 

For example, you can now set the report up to have the Volunteers going on the Y axis, with the services going along the X axis, which shows the positions the volunteers are serving in during the services in the body of the report.

Or, you can have the Services along the X axis, with the Department information along the Y axis. This could then be used to show the upcoming roster, as you have done in your spreadsheet.

Hope this helps,