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Tracking who made a decision

There is a field in services to track how many decisions were made at a service, but I want to be able to record that information with the particular person who makes a decision, then make a People Flow for those people.

What way do people track how people are going who've made a decision?

Hi Joel,

Thought I'd jump in and provide some thoughts on this!

From what I've seen, churches will often create custom fields to record and report on this date, or refer to the date connected to when they were added to a New Christians people flow. There's no set way to do this in the system, but I'd definitely recommend looking in to tracking how people are going on this journey and accommodating it through people flows.

Hope this helps,


Hi Joel

Just building on what Hannah has said - we created a number of fields to capture the specific information we wanted - ie. Decision date; Baptism date; Discipler - and we are still adding to it when new needs are identified... Running concurrently we have a People Flow where we can see at a glance where they are at - discipled, baptised, connected, etc..

The great thing with Elvanto is that we have the flexibility.