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Calendar Confusion

I am trying to figure out the calendaring in Elvanto and haven't been too successful at it so far. At this point we are only using Elvanto for our volunteers and not for church congregation. 

I have some people who are added as Members and are Volunteers in the Kids - Nursery Dept. These people are marked as Members and on the calendar where services have been added the Kids Dept has access to that calendar. 

However when these people login and click the Calendar link at the top they get "The following errors occurred:You do not have access to this feature."

I'm not sure what I am missing here that I haven't given them access to. I don't want them to be in the Leaders, But weirdly enough if I DO make them Leaders, they still get the same error on the Calendar in the members area.

I figured it out... I had the Events Calendar Permission turned off for Members in the Access Permissions area.

No worries Jason :)

If there's anything specific you want the team to check out, feel free to pass them through to us.