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Address labels

How do I change the template for the mailing labels once I generate a report? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Danielle,

You should be able to change the template of the mailing labels by following this article.

The steps broken down are:

  • Go to Settings > Account Settings
  • On the bottom of the page, click on 'Change these settings'
  • Look for 'Paper Size' and 'Address Label Size' - you should be able to change these accordingly.

If you find there's a label that we don't offer support for in our current Address Label Sizes, feel free to pass us some details of the new label size.


Is there a way you can add Avery Template 5160? When I try using the 3x10 default size, the last row falls short of the label. 

Thanks so much!


Hi Chris.

I'll pass this on to the developers to look into.

For reference, the current 3x10 template is attached, for the L7158 labels.

Hope this helps,


(13.5 KB)