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Create new Volunteer Calendar option (dates horizontal with departments vertical)

Could you please create another Volunteer Calendar option which shows dates horizontally in Row 1 and Department codes vertically in Column A?

The Volunteer Calendar (dates horizontal) is close to the format we want, but it does not show people in the same department on the same row across a range of dates, and it repeats the Department codes for each date - making the report much wider than it needs to be.

This proposed format would be much more readable, and would allow people to easily scan the report to see who else is rostered onto the same department on consecutive weeks.

A mock-up of the report is attached.

Thanks very much.


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Great idea Michael!

I'll add this into our feature request lists for a way to generate the volunteer calendar a bit more neatly - having duplicate content isn't always the best in this case if there's much better ways of displaying information.

Cheers :)


Hi Michael.

Just been going through some older feature requests and came across this one.

Have you looked into our new options for Volunteer Service Position Reports?


Thanks Stewart, The Volunteer Service Positions Report is exactly what we wanted.