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Mobile App's for Member level

Hi all

I have had numerous requests predominantly from our Worship Team as to when there will be an app created for Elvanto.  I have given them the reasons as to why this doesn't happen however I was wondering if there could be something that creates like a 2 tier level of access maybe looked into.

The main reason why an app is there preferred choice is because they don't want to have to log in and out.  This is fine for member level users but for those who have admin access the need to log in still exists.. So I'm wondering if there could be an app of some sort that would allow for "member users" - we could define these people by their access permission - to only ever have to log in once in an "app" so that at any time they can view the member information - rosters, songs etc.

For anything beyond member level access a further log in would be required and it would transfer them from the app to the webpage.

Not sure if anyone else could see the value in this so just throwing it out there.

Would love to hear thoughts of others.


Kristy Sonneman-Smith

Dreambuilders Church

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Hi Kristy,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

While we don't have an ETA on an app, this feedback is super helpful for planning for the logistics when we do look into implementing it. I'll be sure to note this all down for reference when the time comes.



Yep would def like to see an app for members. Something simple where they can see their upcoming roster and submit their unavailability. Basically the current mobile version but an app. Apps are always simpler to use than mobile versions of websites. PLLLLEEEEEAAASSSEEEEE!!!!!!

Hi Kristy and James.

I do hope you guys have signed up for the Beta!


Most definitely Stewart... Looking forward to it.

Doing it now, thanks for all your work :)