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Financial Access to giving History

We are trying to give a person access to create, edit and delete batches, but not be able to see the history of giving of a person. We want to reserve access to the giving history of a person to the treasurer. It seems that if we give an access permision to the Financial area, then the person can see all the giving history of any person. We want this to be restricted so that we can incorporate the help of other trusted persons in recording offering, but not acess to giving history which is more private.

I hope this is something that can be added soon, if not my team idea to handle all this process won't work.


Is this something being considered by the developement team?

Hi Pablo.

The request is in the system, but the developers have not had a chance to look at this yet.

We are wanting to have a look at Access permissions at greater depth in the future, and this will likely happen at the same time.

Thanks for the post, 


I would like to see this feature ASAP also please? We are in exactly the situation that Pablo mentions.

Any updates on this feature. We could really use some help on this.

Any updates?

We would also like the option allow some people to see the history of giving (dates) but not the ammount.

Hi Pablo. Sorry for not replying sooner!

At this stage there's no updates on this, but I'll add in the note for giving dates as well.