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Rule Based Demographics

Greetings All! 

I shared this w/ Hannah via chat a few days ago, as I am evaluating this great product for our church, and thought I'd share the idea w/ the community....

Rule Based/Conditional Demographics.  :)

I think demographics should be broken in to two types: 1) Manual 2)Rule Based/Conditional.

Manual would work are they do today, being manually assigned to a person.

Rule Based/Conditional would be automatic.  For example, say you want a demographic of men 18-35, you would create a new demographic and assign the conditions (much like you do w/ people views) and then anyone who falls into these conditions would automatically be placed in that demographic...sort of like demographic progression....but just expanded. I think this would be a huge improvement over having to manually add/remove people from various demographics... 

Loving the product thus far and support chat has been great!

Kindest Regards


Hi Isaac,

Thanks for the idea - we may have already implemented this idea already :)

I assume you're referring to the Demographic Progression being always active to automatically add people based on some kind of criteria that you want to set (i.e. using Development based, Grade Based or Age Based progressions). 

I'll also recommend to check out our article here - for more help when setting up our Demographic Progression feature.

Hope this helps!

Hi Chris, thanks for the reply.   My idea would be to expand the functionality of demographic progression. So in my example, if i wanted to have a demographic of men that are 18-34 years old, I should be able to set up a demographic that not only looks for ages between 18-34, but also looks for gender = 'male'.


Sounds good - it definitely adds some kind of complexity element to our demographics area :)

Great idea!


Adding to this,

Using the example of age demographics, if we have several for example, 20-30 years old and 31-40 years old and more, my understanding is that we first have to assign the demographic to the person and then the progression will take place when it's time comes. What seems to me is that if we have the date of birth as an input, there should be demographics that are built in so that we don't have to go and place the person for the first time. Age demographics should be automatic once you input the birth date. In our case we periodically have to check because the person inputing the info forgets to click on the age demographic group.

There may be other cases in which and automatic assignment would be done, age group is the one I am bumping into now.

Keep up the great work,

@Pablo Cardono 

What you said here sums up PERFECTLY what my thought are for demographics in general - "...there should be demographics that are built in so that we don't have to go and place the person for the first time...".

My use case is/was trying to set up various groups.  For example, we have a Womens Group that we call "Women Of Glory" that is for females that are 40+.  I noticed that when I went to set up the group, I could assign specific demographics to this group, but then it occurred to me that, while I could use demographic progression to capture the age, I still had to manually add people by way of a custom people view.  If a demographic could be set up in a way similar to setting up people views it would make a lot of other related process easier, IMO.  :)