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Integration with The Table

Would love it if Elvanto would integrate with The Table. We would like to use the table, but would be great if it integrated with our database for ease of management. It already integrates with Fellowship One.

Just dreaming out loud.

Just checking in for a reply on this topic. Have you guys considered integrating with it. We are considering The Table. It seems to fit well with Elvanto to handle the social side of the church. And it's free to churches.

Hi Pablo.

We have begun discussions with the Table, but due to the development Schedules of both organizations, this has been put on hold until later in the year.


Yes please!!! This, and integration with ProPresenter would be awesome!!

Hi Rhys

Thanks for the support.

Regarding the ProPresenter integration, you'll have to send the ProPresenter team an email requesting that integration. We've done everything we can for that integration. We have, however, been working with the team from Proclaim Online, who also do projection software, and we've recently released an integration with them. There's more details on our blog.

There's been no update for the Table integration however, we've been focussing heavily on getting V2 ready!

We will come back to this when we have time!

Hope this helps,