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Integration with The Table

The (a church community social interaction site with it's own app) is a a great companion to Elvanto. It picks up what Elvanto is not designed to cover. Advantages of The Table:

  • It's made by a church (Gateway Church)
  • It deals with community interaction (mobile and pc) beyond the administrative tools of Elvanto. It does not replace Elvanto.
  • Supports integration with CMS. Currently it is integrated with Fellowship One.
  • It's free to churches (great help for small churches). The pro version has a cost, but it is mainly for customization/Branding.
  • It's mobile app is awesome and highly engaging for the church community.
  • It's international !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Offers a companion to Elvanto with out added cost to the church. This would be a marketable asset for Elvanto.
To me, Elvanto is the perfect tool for the administrative side of the church, but we need a tool for the social interaction of the church community. Facebook is open to the world and we can not control content. At the same time we already have the data in Elvanto and we don't want 2 separate databases.

At our church we used The Table about 3 years ago, but it was mainly pc based. Their mobile app was lacking too much, to the point that to be social it had to have a good mobile app, so we stopped using it. However, we kept following their development because it definitely had future. Last December they released their redesigned table (mobile app and site), and it is exactly what we wish it was.

Could you guys consider an integration with them. THIS WOULD REVOLUTIONIZE OUR CHURCH, AND I AM SURE MANY CHURCHES AS WELL.

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Hey Pablo.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

The Table certainly does sound like a valuable tool for church members, and having it connected with our database could indeed be very useful.

I have raised a feature request with the developers, and they shall see what they can do.

Thanks again,