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Report Sharing Permissions

We are starting to use the reports across different Departments, but only want the Departments to see just their relevant reports.

Under "Sharing" I can list individuals to have permission, but people in departments can change and it is just another permission we have to remove people from when they move or leave.

Suggested Enhancement:

Under "Sharing" for reports can there be an option to share by a certain "access permission" that has been previously set up.

Ie: I have an access permission set up called "Department Head".At the moment for Department reports I have to individually add people. It would be nice just to choose the "access permission" of Department Heads for these reports



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Hey Brad.

This does sound like a very useful feature for extending our reports access permissions. I have passed this along to the developers as a feature request.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention,


This is a great idea, hope it makes it to a future update. It's easier this way if a responsible person has moved to a different ministry, you can just set the right access and the right access to reports will migrate automatically