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Mass Manage Individuals who "attend" a particular service type

I find the filter "People who attend the following service types" in the Mass Add Individuals popup window of service reporting, a little misleading.

As I understand it, it is not about whether they attended a service (of a given service type). Rather as it stands this filter refers to which service type they have been assigned as volunteering at - as indicated in the Volunteering section of the Account tab in a person's profile.

I would much prefer to have the "People who attend the following service types" in Mass Add Individuals popup window to refer to those people who have actually attended a service which fits that service type - irrespective of whether they are a volunteer or not.

Otherwise the Mass Add Individuals window is for adding volunteers who attended, not attendees more generally - which would be a much more useful feature.

Hi Andrew

Thanks for the post. 

I agree that this is indeed slightly misleading and could possible be looked at, although I would highly recommend having people set to specific service types even if they aren't marked as a volunteer. This helps people do advanced searches, using the filter of 'Service type equals ...' and allows you to contact people to attend specific services.

That being said there are a few improvements that we can do on our end.

I've passed this onto the developers to have a look at.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Stewart,

Perhaps an easy (?) change could be to have an option to specify where people can be automatically added to their service type when they attend a corresponding service?


Hi Andrew

That was indeed one of the suggestions put forward by the developers and myself.


Yeah - this is troublesome for us as well. We have four different service types for one of our services (two for if we are having Communion or not, and two for if we have Kids Church or not). So we have to assign people who attend our evening services to four different service types. It would be great if this could be simplified.