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Payments and Event Registrations

Hi Team,

I remember that there has previously been talk about a new feature that would allow us to take payments from people before accepting registration for events. We signed up to Push-Pay on the assumption that this was coming.

Any news on when this might be a possibility? It would greatly help us as we begin planning for our mid-year kids camp.



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Hi Robbie.

Thanks for the question.

This is something that is high on the developers list of priorities. Hopefully this will be implemented soon, if not it should be included in the V2 release which is currently scheduled for Mid year, although I can't offer any promises at this point in time.

Hope this helps,


update on this feature since V2 has been launched?

Hi Laura

Thanks for the question.

While we were hoping to look into this by the end of the year, due to development timelines this has had to be pushed back to next year.



Just jumping in on this thread - this is a massive part of our church and how we operate to the point we would consider moving to another system. I can see this feature hasn't been taken seriously - do you have any concrete ETA's as it seems to have been requested for the last 3 years?



Hey Dan.

As said in the other post, we're in the process of making some updates to the system in the lead-up for this. While simply adding payment to event registration, we're wanting to polish the entire process up before adding payments. You should start seeing these changes coming out over the following few weeks with event payment coming in the next few months.

Hope this helps,


Hi there ... When event payment is integrated will it be necessary to already have a third party managing the security and receiving payments, or is Elvanto's plan to partner with such a third party?



Agree this is super important. Our use cases are Camps, Mission Trips, etc. where people need to register, and potentially make payments over time. For mission trips, the participants usually raise money over time toward the total funding and we need to be able to tie those deposits to the event and person. Also need to be able to run a report to see who's registered, how much they've paid. 

We've been asking for this feature for over two years now, and were also considering other systems, when I noticed that the January blog stated that payment for registrations was going to be released the 1st quarter of this year.
Will  the payment feature use the same 3rd party provider that online giving does?  eg PushPay/
And more importantly for us, will it work in Canada as well?