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How to set up "Working With Children" checks?


Has anyone set up something to keep track of 'Working With Children" checks?

I'm sure there is a similar system in most states now. It's a Photo ID card issued by the state government and all leaders who have contact with kids need one. We as a church need to know who has one, who hasn't, and send them a reminder when it expires.

How would I do that? I'm very new to Elvanto so you will need to give me very basic instructions

Hi Graeme

Thanks for the email.

The exact method of how you go about this depends on the regulations that you have to follow by your local government. But a commonly used method is to create custom fields for details such as 'Working With Children Card Number' and 'Working with Children Expiration'

A custom report is often used to check the dates of the Expiration, and the church then contacts the people with who have their expiry date coming up within the next 3 months are then regularly checked to ensure that every has a valid check.

Hope this helps,


Hi Graeme, 

Just thought I'd chime in with some recent experience from working out a solution to the same problem. 

We have created custom fields for people under a "Child Safety" heading where we track 

- Safe Ministry Training dates (valid from and expiry)

- Working With Children Check numbers (WWCC number, date last verified, expiry date). 

I'll eventually set up regular custom reports to flag to me when expiry dates are approaching etc, but haven't done this yet.  I also feel like there's potential for some kind of people flow around this ("So, you want to be a kids leader??"), but I haven't gotten that far in my thinking yet!

Last week I needed to contact everyone who needs to

- attend Safe Ministry Essentials training (those who have never done it before)

- attend Safe Ministry Refresher training (have done it before, need to refresh every 3 years)

- get a WWCC government clearance and provide us the details (independent of Safe Min training - both are required for anyone in any roles with kids).

With the custom fields we have it was pretty straightforward to split people into the right categories to receive the right communications about what combination of things we need them to do. 

Good luck!  You'll be punching the air the first time you run an advanced search to find all the people in kids ministry roles whose safe ministry training is still valid but who haven't supplied WWCC number details yet and need a follow up message... :-)


Hi Graeme I think I answered this question in one of your other posts.  I'm with Anna using the custom fields seems to be the best way to go.  Flexibility and linked in with Departments I can still put the onus on leaders to do the follow up and chasing around - but it allows me at a glance to see where things are at.

All the best