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Custom People Status

Elvanto has 3 people statuses:

  • Active: people that contribute to the church, time, talent and/or treasures
  • Contact: Not yet connected to the church, community
  • Archive: Stopped attending

We use the concentric circle model to help us classify the status of our people:

  • Community: This would be like a "Contact"
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------ dividing line for "Active"
  • Crowd: regular worshiping 
  • Congregation: Committed to Membership
  • Maturity: Committed to Discipleship
  • Core: Committed to minister

We wanted to ask to be allowed to create custom statuses. These could be with in the "Active" status. That way they count towards the cost of Elvanto, but still give us flexibility since "Active" defines only one level when in reality there are many levels of connection. And those levels are what we look for when we ask - How do we move people towards a fully devoted christian. 

By having it this way we can quickly look at the table for Categories and get a very good idea of where we are (see attached pic). This could be changed by any church according to how they see it.



Hi Pablo,

Thanks for reaching out with this!

The three People Status' is strictly for classification of the different people in your account, which helps in relation to pricing.  I'd encourage you to put those custom statuses you're wanting to implement in as People Cateogries instead.

Hope this helps you,


I get your point. I am not requesting to change the 3 classifications. Let me expand:

Everychurch is looking to move people from no/low knowledge of God to Fully devoted follower. Which ever scale they use to measure this movement (like the concentric circles we use) this is a key info - Where is X person on that scale? How many people are in each one each stage? 

We currently are tracking this as a demographic, I guess it could be tracked as a custom field too. However, in order to answer this questions I have to run reports for each one of these. When I look at the table of categories which is a great way of looking at it, it is structured based on relation to pricing - "Active", "Contact", "Archived" this is the relationship to Elvanto, the program. I care about that relationship because I am the coordinator with Elvanto. However, leaders and the pastors don't look at it that way. They look at it based on the church's strategy "Circles of Commitment" or "Statuses" mentioned in the last email. This is the info that makes sense to them and affects the way they look at ministry. We can get to this info, through several reports and then placing them in a table in excel and then sending it over email. 

My idea was to combine the two purposes in one table:

  • The relationship to Elvanto pricing - "Active", "Contact", "Archive"
  • The relationship to the purpose of the church - "Community", "Crowd", "Congregation", "Maturity", "Ministry". 
  • Because both views are related to the same people I thought this could be combined. I, the admin, define the relationship between the two views to satisfy both purposes. Elvanto gets the proper info for pricing and the ministers in the church can talk their language with out having to interpret how it is related to Elvanto.
  • They could also quickly see the Category table and see exactly how the church is devided without reports or extra emails.

The problem I encounter when going through people categories is tha it does not have subcategories that may allow this. At this moment, do to the only way we have to protect child info as we need is through the categories. The demographic and lock down option works to our detriment. Because of this we had to create 6 categories. For clarity I will mention them:
  • Member adult
  • Member < 18 yrs
  • Adult Child of Member
  • Child of Member 
  • Visitor
  • Child of Visitor
If I have to break down the categories further, it would be a nightmare to track and understand. I would rather track the info though demographics or custom fields and do the report and move to excel and email reports.

This may not be possible. But we would benefit to make the status of their christian growth easier/more accesible/more automate to report. I though this might be a possible way to merge both views/interests.

Thanks again,

Hi Pablo,

Yes, I can see how your lockdown workaround is complicating the designed use of people categories. I'd say that most of your current people categories are better facilitated in demographics but I know why you've set it up this way as we work on better lockdowns for minors. I'll be sure to record your feedback for future updates.