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Field Access Permissions Edit/View

As of now a field can be set up to only be edited and viewed by the chosen Access Permissions assigned to that field.

We would like to limit either the editing or/and the viewing according to Access Permissions.

Here is an example:

  • We have 2 date field for background checks and background checks expiration.
  • We would like to limit the editing only to the head of the children department.
  • However, we would like everyone in the department to see it, so they are informed and errors can be cought.
  • At this time we would have to assign the editing and the viewing only to the head of the department.


Hi Pablo,

Thanks for the idea! 

This is something we're looking at for a future update, so I'll pass on your interest and feedback on to the developers.

Hope this helps you,


Hey Pablo,

This update is now live in the system. Blog release notes can be found here, and setup instructions here.

Hope this helps,