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Swaps in the roster

Hi Guys,

I really love the automated rostering system. I love how it keeps track of people who can and cannot serve. One thing that I find a little cumbersome is replacing that person who cannot serve. This often involves the team leader having to find a replacement.

Before elvanto, if people couldn’t serve on the roster they would organise a swap with someone else. This saved the team leaders a lot of time. I’m wondering if elvanto could automate this swap system.

While there my be a better way around this, I'm thinking this could work similar to the list sent out to the team leader when a volunteer declines, but instead the volunteer could be sent a list of people they could swap with, including dates they are serving, and maybe highlighting those who have accepted or who have also declined. It would be great if elvanto could then allow them to choose another volunteer on a different date, send an automated email requesting the swap, and then if the swap is accepted the roster is updated, and the team leader is notified.



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Hi Ben

Thanks for the post.

The ability to swap positions something a few people have been suggesting recently, and I've added your support and vote to this request for the developers to have a look at this.

Hope this helps,


Great idea and a real time saver too.

Maybe a simple pop-up showing alternative people, with those already unavailable crossed out and in red - like the most right-hand column of the existing volunteer allocation panel.

Hi Graeme

I've added your support, and thoughts, to this request.

Hope this helps,


I love the idea of this also but it is important the leader knows of swaps that take place so once a swap has confirmed a notification being send to the leader of the Department making them aware of the swap would be good.


Very good point Kirsty!

Hi Kirsty!

I've added your support as well.

We'd definitely have to notify the 'Reports to' person.


Add my support for this feature. It would make scheduling a lot easier.

I've added your support Matt

Please add my support to this as well. Great idea for ease of use, and also empowers team members.

Hi Brendon

Thanks for the support. This is high on our priority list, and I've added your support as well.

Hope this helps,


I vote for this feature request as well. Could there be three buttons presented to a volunteer when they are notified of the roster: Confirm/Decline/Swap.  Pressing Swap would provide a list of future rosters and their current status, and would send a request to the person who is being asked to swap.  Both people's rosters would then be a Swap Requested state until the second person has accepted.  It should also be possible for the person who requested the swap to cancel the request if their situation changes.

+1 from me too :)