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Sending Reports as People Views

Hi guys

I love how we can schedule reports to be sent on a regular basis however it would be great if we could take that function one step further and be able to schedule the report as a People View (assuming the person has access) allowing the user to open the report / people view and have the ability to action the report right there and then.  They would have available to them all the functions of a People View.

Or even if it opens up as a report to be able to click something that takes them to the people view.

It could be an extra specification when scheduling reports.

An example of where this would come in handy.

Monitoring Non-Attendance.

At the moment we email reports to Small Group Leaders for non attendance over a 4 week period.  From here they then have to go to People / View People and then access the people - either by calling up the People View or by manually calling up each individual.

It would be great to reduce the steps.

It wouldn't be of value to every report but definitely for some... At least for us.

Would love thoughts.


Dreambuilders Church

Hi Kristy.

Thanks for the idea.

This sounds like a brilliant idea, and I've passed it along to the developers,

Hope this helps,


Count me too