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Additional Placeholders for Built-in Contact Templates

Hi, I'd love it if we were able to use a greater selection of placeholders for the built-in contact templates that are used to send automated emails/SMS.

For instance, it would be nice to use the %preferred_name% placeholder (with the usual logic that if a person does not have a preferred name, the first name will be used instead) for the emails sent to appear more 'personal'.


Kevin Chan

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Hi Kevin.

Thanks for the idea. 

If you have a look under Settings > People settings > People names, we have recently added the ability to change how the 'First Name' fields work.

By default now, when sending an email or SMS, the email or SMS will change the %firstname% fields into the persons preferred name if they have one, or revert to their first name if the preferred name field is left empty. These settings can of course be changed.

Full details of the change can be found here

Hope this helps,