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Restricting access to specific sections of peoples' personal information


Should the head of Kids Church know the Marital Status or Giving Number of his/her volunteers? 

I'm trying to find a way to allow Department Heads to access some personal information, but not all of it.

Any suggestions?


Hi Graeme

Thanks for the email.

Currently it is possible to limit who can see custom fields by editing the People Categories, and editing the individual fields. Unfortunately built in fields however can't be locked down by access permission at this stage. Currently the only way to hide built in fields for one set of people is to hide them for all people.

There is a feature request for the ability to lockdown built in fields, and I've added your support to this.

Hope this helps,


+1 for this! need to hide giving number for non-financial access people

I think being able to lockdown the built-in field "Giving Number" to specific Access Permissions is really important. There might be other built-in fields you'd like to be able to lockdown too, but this one I reckon is significant.


Hi Jon and Andrew!

I've added your support to this request as well.


You can add my name too. This is very important to us.

Hi Guys,

Just an update - we've now begun working on this as a team, so keep your eyes peeled on the blog over the next few weeks!

Hey Team,

This update is now live in the system. Blog release notes can be found here, and setup instructions here.

Hope this helps,


Outstanding job! Thanks for the quick turn around.