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Don't want recipients to see the "via" link

I was trying to figure out how to remove the "via" link that appears in the emails we send from elvanto and I bumped into this page from google in which they say this:

Gmail checks whether emails are correctly authenticated. If your messages are sent by a bulk mailing vendor or by third-party affiliates, please publish an SPF record that includes the IPs of the vendor or affiliates which send your messages and sign your messages with a DKIM signature that is associated with your domain.

Being that I don't understand the computer "lingo". I figured I would ask you guys. Is this something that can be done on our end given the third-party elvanto uses?


Hi Pablo.

Thanks for the question.

This is indeed something you can do, if you own the domain name you are sending emails from. If you are sending emails using a free email address, such as an email address though, this will not be able to be set. 

What this means, is that if you buy a domain name and email hosting, from a domain and hosting company, you can set these settings for your purchased domain. To do so, follow these instructions provided by Mandrill or pass them onto people in your church that are more IT minded.

Owning a domain name for your church, and having these settings in place helps ensure that your emails get to where you are wanting them to go to. 

Hope this helps,


Thanks, that helps indeed