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Rostering people on only when they have a valid 'Working with Children Check'

Hi Elvanto,

Can we add conditions to rostering?

For example our state legislation requires certain roles to have a valid 'Working with Children Check'.

I've created custom fields to contain the card number and expiry date, and a variety of reports, that's easy.

But how do I link them to a role?

It would be great if I could assign a condition to certain roles, so that they could only be rostered on when their card was current. That would save a great deal of cross-checking.

Note this may also be an issue of privacy. That is, when a team leader wants to create a roster, I can't give them the whole list of all the potential volunteers with a tick indicating who has got their WWCC and who hasn't - that would be a breach of individual privacy. It would be beautifully simple and clean if we could set a condition on the role, and people were simply 'unavailable'.

Thanks, Graeme

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Hi Graeme.

At this stage this is not possible. I would suggest, for now, manually making sure that anyone who does not have the valid WWCC is removed from the positions that require, and added back when they update their details.

I've added these thoughts to the feature request for this.

Hope this helps,